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Back to School Information 2023-2024

Registration and Book Rental Information

School Supply Lists

Please send only the supplies listed below — no additional supplies are needed. (Please do not bring gadget/toy-like items to school, such as pencil toppers (miniature toys that fit on the pencil erasers), etc... NO TRAPPER KEEPERS)



In response to the growing need for more efficient after school dismissal processes, HBE has implemented changes that prioritize convenience and time savings for both parents and students. This change not only alleviates the frustration associated with lengthy waits but also enables students to return home more quickly.

New Dismissal Procedure:

  • You will enter from Sunset, pulling into the parking lot next to the football field and swinging around to face back towards Sunset.  Then, you will park and hold until students are dismissed at 2:55 (see diagram below).

  • Grades K-2  car drivers will line up in the first two lanes, and grades 3-5 car drivers will line up in the second two lanes.  The K-2 lanes will be dismissed one at a time and they will pick up their students outside door #15.  Teachers will continue to use the numbers in the cars to match the numbers with the students tags to release students.

  • Then, the next two lanes for grades 3-5  will be released, and those students will exit door #1.  The same process mentioned above will take place with numbers/tags. 

  • If you have a K-2 and a 3-5 student, teachers will have the 3-5 student meet your younger student to dismiss together at door #15.

  • Drivers will only be allowed to exit on the access road that leads to the middle school. Traffic will not be allowed to exit to Sunset to avoid congestion.

PLEASE be sure to pull ALL THE WAY up to door 15 in both situations, so teachers can release students quickly and allow the flow of traffic to keep progressing swiftly. 

Also, although we are attempting to optimize our release time, we still need to understand we are in a school parking lot.  This means we need to keep the speed of the car slow (5 mph), and wait in line for all students to make it safely into their car.  Also, avoid pulling around others to not interrupt the flow and safety of traffic.  Safety first for ALL Raiders!

Please use the diagram below to help visualize this process. Administration and teachers will be placed accordingly to assist all drivers to ensure the process is smooth.  Please be prepared to be extra patient during this new process.  Once we are all accustomed, this will be a time saver for everyone involved.

Principal - Megan Anselment
Assistant Principal - Tracy Bagby
Secretary/Receptionist – Misty Gasser
Secretary/Treasurer – Heather Williams
Preschool - Delmy Dubon, Donna Weisman
Kindergarten - Claire Schnell, Hannah Erny, Breann Hildebrand. DLI - Carmen Brooks, Claudia Gasser
Grade 1 - Alison Luebbehusen, Ryan Sparrow, Tabitha Sandoval, Katlyn Valdes. DLI - Madelinne Gil, Peyton Popp
Grade 2 - Lori Barnett, Brett Schuler, Kathy Tooley. DLI - Jose Pineda Cabrera, Amy Kaetzel
Grade 3 - Stacy Kappner, Elaine Main, Yvonne Zink. DLI - Andrea Andujar Mangual, Wendi Nurrenbern
Grade 4 - Andrea Mathies, Ginger Rasche, Lindsey Riehle, Matthew Widolff, Andrea Goeppner
Grade 5 - Gaage Fetter, Jeannine Mundy, Christina Qualkenbush, Amanda Thompson 
Special Needs - Maria Allen, Taylor Smith, Dana Ferguson
EL - Michaela Bolling, Kristin Nordhoff
Media Specialist - Sarah Bardwell
Music - Kim Wirthwein
PE - Traci Mattingly
Art - Emily Meyer
Spanish - Johana Bernardo
High Ability - Sheila Hurst
Speech Pathologist - Yvonne Hochgesang
Title 1 - Megan Kaeck, Mandi Harris, Jordan Roos, Bri Mullis
K-2 Literacy Coach - Nichole Arnold
Corporation Nurse - Katie Lamar
HBE Nurse - Leah Hildenbrand
Social Worker - April Susnjara
Food Service – Rita Hopf, (Manager), 812-683-1172 ext. 1011, Sharon Broeker, Ruth Buechler, Belinda Feltner, Joni Hassfurther, Toni Jones, Patty King, Doris Kunkler, Beth Mathies, Donna Parsons, LaDonna Tobin, Vicki Gardener
Custodial/Maintenance – Rick Jones

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